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VLT® Series 2800

Product name:
VLT® Series 2800

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Available on request

General purpose Automation Drive

Product types:
Drives, Drives – Frequency Converter

Technology & Profiles:

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Danfoss Drives A/S
Product description:

The VLT 2800 series is developed for the low power market. Available in the power range 0.37-18.5 kW (1/3 phase 200-240VAC and 3 phase 380-480VAC). The frequency converter is extremely compact and prepared for side-by-side mounting.The concept is modular with a power module and a control module. The VLT® 2800 is available with the following accessories, e.g. Output line reactors, RFI filter, LC + 1B RFI filters These options can be combined depending on your application. Another benefit offered by the VLT® 2800 frequency converter is flexibility. The DC bus allows load sharing between all drives in the application saving energy and stopping all parts of the application simultaneously. A robust design, including a built-in RFI filter 1A makes the frequency converter compliant with the EMC directive EN 55011 1A requirement while the built-in fan protects the frequency converter against excessive heat. The VLT® 2800 has all basic parameters for commissioning the frequency converter, thus saving time at installation and service.

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