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Robotics - SRCI


SRCI - Standard Robot Command Interface

                          Robotics - SRCI - Standard Robot Command Interface

SRCI is an open standard designed for robot programming and operation within a PLC environment. It facilitates standardized programming and operation of both industrial and collaborative robots, regardless of the specific PLC or robot manufacturers involved. SRCI achieves this by standardizing communication between the robot controller and the PLC.


SRCI is the next step in the evolution of the robotics market.


In practical terms, SRCI provides robot commands as function blocks within the PLC programming engineering tool. This means that customers can program their entire machine, including the robot program, within the same engineering environment. Additionally, SRCI-based systems empower users to create their own customized operation screens, which significantly enhance the user experience for both operation and maintenance staff.


SRCI brings various advantages:                

It significantly reduces the need for specialized expertise related to specific robot manufacturers.

Simultaneously, it streamlines training efforts, making robotics more accessible than ever before.

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Robotics - SRCI - Standard Robot Command InterfaceFunctional principle


SRCI is based on a remote procedure call system. It requires two main software components:


  • Server (Interpreter):
    The server, also known as the interpreter, resides on the robot controller. It handles incoming requests from the client (running on the programmable logic controller or PLC).
  • Client:
    The client, which runs on the PLC, invokes server functions by sending command messages along with their corresponding arguments to the robot controller. 
    Upon receiving the command, the robot controller executes the specified function and sends back command-specific response messages.

SRCI communication between the PLC and the robot controller is fieldbus agnostic, meaning it can be realized via PROFINET (isochronous mode is not necessary) but also via other fieldbuses.

Profiles and functions

SRCI specifies over 115 commands, ranging from basic move commands (such as linear movements) to more complex commands like force control.

To use an SRCI function, it must be supported by both the server and the client. These commands are categorized into different groups:


  • Profile Core:
    Provides basic commands and the core functionalities of the interface. Every SRCI implementation in broad release supports at least the commands within this profile.
  • Profile Extended and optional commands:
    Manufacturers can individually add commands from these groups to their implementations.
    For details on which command is supported by which manufacturer, consult the SRCI Vendor Map.

SRCI Vendor MapRobotics - SRCI - Standard Robot Command Interface


The SRCI Vendor Map is the official hub for up-to-date SRCI-related information.


Manufacturer Support:

Find out which robot and PLC companies are already part of the SRCI community. Stay up-to-date with the latest players in the field.


Feature Insights:

Discover the entire list of functions implemented by each manufacturer. From essential functions to advanced capabilities, explore the possibilities.


Function Availability:

Explore which specific functions are at your available to you when you choose a particular robot and a specific PLC vendor.

Everything right down to the level of supported parameter values.


Product Finder Link                                 

Here you can find the following information:

  • Any product that officially supports SRCI


Robotics - SRCI - Standard Robot Command Interface

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