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Positioner, Drives

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Weihermattenweg 2
79256 Buchenbach

Christian Hoffmann
Tel +49 7661 394 0

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AG2X – compact positioning drive with high power density!

DriveLine compact actuators from SIKO designed for format adjustments with optimized setup times, with special power and control electronics, absolute sensor systems and integrated position controller.


SIKO has added several the industrial Fieldbus interfaces like e.g. Profinet . Via the additional digital inputs and outputs, further signals from external proximity switches and limit switches, pulsers and control devices can be detected, and actions can be initiated or they can be sent to signal units.


Automatic adjustment of formats, end stops, tools and many other comparable positioning features: the intelligent AG2X actuator takes all of these tasks in its stride. Areas of application include any location where positioning problems have to be solved peripherally in a machine or system with very little space and low weight.

The AG25 can be integrated flexibly into various machine designs. No other materials are required for installation. The programming work and the setup and adjustment times are minimal, enabling fast activation. The AG2X has a hollow stainless steel shaft with a diameter of 14 or 20 millimeters. The actuator is fitted directly to feed and auxiliary axes.


Integration into various safety concepts is very simple with the AG25 as the power supply for the control and power electronics is separated. A significant burden is lifted from the higher-level PLC by the integrated control electronics. Moreover, monitoring functions are already integrated into the drive for temperature, power and lag errors. The charging status of the battery is monitored continuously, so that the need for a change of battery, a job which can be carried out by the user, is identified and reported at an early stage. The battery buffering of the magnetic measurement system enables deviations in position to be identified even when there is no power, and there is no need for repeated calibration.  


The AG25 is intended for locations where space is limited. Make the most of the decentralized, modular automation with DriveLine: a wide range of models and performance classes facilitate flexible scaling. Get you own “customized” solution – from the basic model to high-end applications.

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