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PSE/PSS/PSW 3 series

Product name:
PSE/PSS/PSW 3 series

Actuators for automated format changeover

Product types:
Drives, Encoder

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

halstrup-walcher GmbH

Stegener Str. 10
79199 Kirchzarten

Christian Sura
Tel +49 7661 3963 0

Product description:


The 3-series of halstrup-walcher positioning systems

Actuators for automated format changeover with modularity and condition monitoring.


The positioning systems of the 3-series of halstrup-walcher are integrated solutions with EC-motor, absolute encoder, regulation and PROFIBUS communication on board – they function without the need for an additional bus distributor.


The modular product range has been designed for three relevant protection classes: IP54 (PSE), IP65 (PSS) and IP68 (PSW). This allows machine builders to adapt the IP protection class as well as the bus communication to specific customer wishes – without altering the relevant dimensions.


This generates noticeable savings when altering and adapting products for customer-specific machines. All these positioning systems support condition monitoring – based on a large number of monitored parameters.

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