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Drives, Drives – Stepper

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SMC Corp.

Akihabara UDX 15F, 4-14-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku,
101-0021 Tokyo

Tel +81 3 5207 8271

Product description:


●PROFINET compatible

This device can be directly connected to a PROFINET fieldbus network. It will then be possible to establish communication with a PROFINET Master (PLC).

●Actuator control

Positioning operation and operation at a specific speed and force for the actuator are possible by controlling the Step motor (servo 24VDC).

●Specified force operation

Control the pushing force or the pressing force of the actuator.

●Separated power supply

Power supply input is separated into the motor power supply and control power supply.

●Return to origin

Returning to origin is possible by a signal from PROFINET.

●Alarm detection function

Abnormal conditions are self-detected. Alarms are output by PROFINET communication and serial communication.

Alarm history can be stored in the memory in the controller.

●Positioning / pushing operation is available with step data and numerical operation mode

It is possible to operate the actuator by using the saved step data and by numeric data operation instruction by using PROFINET communication.

The actuator operates in accordance with the step data operating pattern of the specified step data.

In the numerical operation mode, the operation is executed by specifying the relevant numeric data.

●Area output

The AREA output bit will be activated if the actuator position is within the range specified by \"Area 1\" and \"Area 2\" in the step data.

●Data input method

It is possible to perform status monitoring, reset alarms and set Step data via PROFINET communication.


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