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FCM Series 300

Product name:
FCM Series 300

Order number:
Available on request

FCM Serie 300

Product types:
Drives, Drives – Frequency Converter

Technology & Profiles:

Application class(es):
Frequency Converter (AC1)

Certification number:

Danfoss Drives A/S
Product description:

The VLT DriveMotor FCM 300 is a combined frequency converter and motor in one. Importantly, it does not exceed the standard dimensional envelope of a standard motor. It retains the normal enclosure protection of that of a standard motor and can be mounted in virtually any position. Installation is straight forward as no screened motor cables are needed. Enclosure of the drive is of no concern and the integrated RFI filter ensures compliance with the EMC regulation. The DriveMotor has a RS 485 serial communication port as standard and an optional PROFIBUS DP fieldbus option. All motors are in the sizes B3, B5 and B14 available.

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