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Product Certification

Certification ensures Quality

Since the specifications for PROFIBUS and PROFINET are open and standardized, it is possible for anyone to build and sell devices. However, not all devices are equal and to ensure that users get the quality of product they deserve, PI operates conformance programs. Enacted via the network of independent PI Test Labs and securely administered by PI itself, conformance testing ensures that devices meet relevant specifications and that interoperability is never an issue in the field.


Certified devices are an end user's guarantee of quality.
Never buy an uncertified PROFIBUS device! In the case of PROFINET,  certification is mandatory before a device can be offered for sale.

Passive components can not be certified.

Manufacturers Declaration for PROFINET Passive Network Components


In order to ensure the easy and reliable PROFINET installation and a high product quality, a manufacturers declaration system has been set up for PROFINET passive network components.
The PROFINET installation is based on a component approach for passive network components, which is standardised in the IEC 61784-5-3.
The requirement for this approach is, that the passive components fulfil the PROFINET Guideline “PROFINET Cabling and Interconnection Technology”.
For passive PROFINET components the conformity shall be declared by the manufacturer of the product. The PROFINET logo may only be used for these products.

List of Manufacturers Declarations for PROFINET Passive Network Components

Our well-known PI technologies

PROFIBUS is a standardized, open, digital communications system for all areas of application in manufacturing and process automation.

PROFINET is the innovative open standard for Industrial Ethernet. It satisfies all requirements of automation technology.

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