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PROFINET Field Devices



Recommendations for Design and Implementation

Development of a PROFINET device or addition of a PROFINET interface to an existing device - these are the tasks for which this guideline is intended. In addition, it contains advice and recommendations - all in the sense of a best practice approach. It makes no difference whether the reader already knows PROFINET or is totally new to the subject.

PROFINET is an established, flexible, and powerful industrial network based on IEEE 802 Standard Ethernet. PROFINET has established itself in recent years not only because of its openness but also due to its strengths. These include a powerful diagnostics model, the ability to coexist with Internet protocols on the same cable, and scalability of communication.

This guideline addresses mechanics, hardware, software, project management, product management as well as Marketing and highlights what is important. It also tells you where you can find additional details on relevant subjects. It thus applies to everyone involved in development - no matter whether they work in different departments or whether all functions are executed in a multi-discipline role.

English (version 2018) - Order No.: 8.202
German (version 2018) - Order No.: 8.201

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