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Competence Centers

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HMS Industrial Networks GmbH

Stefan Ruhmkorf

Emmy-Noether-Str. 16

76131 Karlsruhe


Phone: +49 721 989 777 510

Email: str(at)hms-networks(dot)de


Competence Areas
  • PROFIdrive
  • PROFIsafe
  • PROFIdrive
  • PROFIsafe

Demo Systems:

The demo system consists of:

  • 1 PROFIBUS panel
  • 1 Siemens PROFINET panel (consisting of a Siemens CPU315 PN/DP and an ET200S-module)
  • 1 Standard test setup for ART-testing (consisting of a Siemens S7-1516F, Scalance and an ET200SP for PROFINET tests with copper and POF lines)
  • 1 panel hosting HMS Anybus X- gateway for PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • 1 panel hosting HMS Anybus Communicator for PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • 1 panel hosting evalboard for Anybus-CompactCom-modules for PROFIBUS and PROFINET

offered services:

  • Expert training for developers of an embedded PROFIBUS and PROFINET interface
  • troubleshooting, reviews and audits for PROFINET and PROFIBUS installations in the field
  • Certified PROFIBUS and PROFINET trainings (for details see our entry in list of PI training centers)

The trainings are held periodically over the year ( )

Available experts
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PROFIBUS is a standardized, open, digital communications system for all areas of application in manufacturing and process automation.

PROFINET is the innovative open standard for Industrial Ethernet. It satisfies all requirements of automation technology.

MTP Module Type Package enables modular production in which individual components can be flexibly combined.

IO-LINK is an independent sensor / actuator interface solution for use with all automation technologies.

omlox is an open technology standard for real-time indoor localization systems for industrial manufacturing.