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New PROFIdrive model with 11 different manufacturers. Especially impressive is the behavior simulation carried out prior to actual commissioning.

PROFIdrive in machines and models


A new demo model at the joint PI stand at the 2023 Hanover Fair vividly shows both the smooth interaction between different drive manufacturers and the added value of PROFIdrive standardization for simulation.

Products from eleven different manufacturers work together smoothly in a single machine –a demanding drive application, no less. This is based on synchronous communication with PROFINET IRT, upon which in addition PROFIdrive profile application class 4 (AC4) sits and is used as an interopera-ble interface for multi-axis motion control applications. These and other drives with IRT can also be seen at the PI website ( Machine builders can therefore find the right drive from among a wide variety and easily handle the motion function as well.

The requirement for simulation prior to physical construction and easy commissioning is becoming increasingly important here. However, the effort required – especially in creating the models – may not outweigh the benefits. The advantage of high standardization with PROFIdrive, including the state machines it contains, can be seen here:

  • Easy and convenient commissioning of drives from different manufacturers using technology objects.
  • Virtual commissioning before the physical machine is built, resulting in higher quality and efficiency.
  • PROFIdrive integration enables existing simulation models to be used.

The specific process and advantages can be seen at a dialog station at the model.

All in all, the large variety of drives with IRT & PROFIdrive and the additional advantage of support for simulation and planning – both for manufacturers and users – provide a comprehensive and com-plete solution.

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