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The new MTP logo illustrates that the individual modules fit seamlessly into one another. From the vantage point of automation, the connection of process-technology modules becomes child’s play with Plug & Operate.

MTP makes Plug & Operate accessible


The key to faster and more flexible responses to changing market requirements is the use of modular systems. MTPs—or Module Type Packages—which make the orchestration of process-technology modules, machines, and package units more efficient, play an important role here. “With MTP and the resulting modularization, the flexibility of production systems is increased considerably and subsequent changes can be implemented much faster than before,” said Dr. Mathias Maurmaier, MTP Committee Leader of the joint working groups NAMUR, ZVEI and PI, with regard to its biggest advantage.

The first-ever products based on the Module Type Package are to be presented at the ACHEMA trade show. Visitors can get an impression of how quickly and straightforwardly it can be integrated into one or more higher-level orchestration systems at PI booth C4 in Hall 11.0 of this year’s ACHEMA show. The integration of Process Equipment Assemblies (PEAs) into a higher-level control or SCADA system of the Process Orchestration Layer (POL) is to be illustrated in a large, multi-vendor live demo. POL systems enable the operation, monitoring, process control, coordination and documentation of the overall system’s production.

Twelve manufacturers are to exhibit solutions and products for automation using PEAs, and another seven will be participating with POLs. “The PEAs will be representing different industries, such as the pharmaceutical, chemical, water and hydrogen sectors. This makes Plug & Operate accessible to a wide variety of industries,” said Dr. Maurmaier with assurance.

MTP technology was placed in the hands of PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) the year prior for global promotion of the technology. To this end, PI initiated a number of activities revolving around specifications and conformance tests the previous year. These steps are decisive for market acceptance, as compatibility between different manufactures can be tested in this way. Working groups and others are currently working on modeling, HMI integration and process control as well. The initial documentation is already under review so this work can be completed by the end of the year. At the same time, activities for the international standardization of MTP for its future publication as the IEC 63280 standard have already commenced.

In addition, three use cases will be presented in the “Future-proof times two – Modular and Open Production with MTP & NOA” special exhibition at NAMUR/ZVEI booth C43 in the same hall.


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