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Peter Altes (Managing Director of AIM-D e.V., left in picture) and Dr. Matthias Joest (Head of the Committee omlox at the Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V.) see a lot of potential for omlox through the new collaboration.

Beneficial Cooperation


Identification and (real-time) locating technologies are two fundamental components used in constructing resilient supply chains, flexible production and the Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT). To promote interoperability between AutoID technologies, software systems and solutions, AIM and the Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V. are pleased to announce their mutual cooperation. 

The AIM-D e.V. industry association represents the global network of AutoID experts. True to the motto “Identify – Sense – Locate,” the network relies on identification technologies like ORM*, RFID* and NFC*, intelligent sensors and real-time locating systems (RTLS).

The open omlox locating standard, which is part of the Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V., bundles all locating technologies together in centralized middleware, provides functions for real-time locating and defines ultra-wide band use in industrial settings as an open locating infrastructure. This approach enables the flexible and cost-effective use of locating technologies by small- and medium-sized businesses as well.

Working together, both organizations wish to harmonize the various different industrial standards relating to identification and locating. Through the cooperation of both networks, a unique pool of knowledge and a host of different options for knowledge transfer in logistics and production – as well as in other industries like retail trade and the healthcare industry – are being created.

“Modern production and logistics systems have become so complex that they can only be maintained and prepared for future requirements using uniform, standardized interfaces and system descriptions,” remarked Dr. Matthias Jöst, Head of the Committee omlox at the Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V. “By cooperating with AIM-D e.V., omlox benefits from comprehensive expertise in the field of identification and can incorporate it when developing future versions of the omlox standard.”

“AIM also benefits from this cooperation, especially through the integration of ultra-wide band into the AIM spectrum of technologies,” stated Peter Altes – Managing Director of AIM-D e.V. “UWB ideally complements technologies previously modeled by AIM for (real-time) locating (RTLS, or real-time locating systems). AIM has been committed to interoperability between AutoID systems for a long time now, which is also demonstrated by the use of the OPC UA standard, among other things – and this represents another exciting interface between omlox and AIM.”

*Abbreviations: RFID: Radio-frequency identification; NFC: Near-field communication; RTLS: Real-time locating systems; ORM: Optically readable media (barcodes, 2D codes, OCR etc.); QR: Quick response code; OCR: Optical code recognition

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