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This specification is a guide for the use of the extensible Markup Language (XML) within the PROFIBUS / PROFINET environment.

The technical objective of this document is the definition and description of a framework for the standardization of the use of XML within PROFIBUS / PROFINET environments. It is not an objective to define one single universal export format covering all applications. It is also not intended to replace existing and currently arising standard XML formats for specific context and application, like device descriptions. It is planned to migrate these other standards into XML@PROFIBUS.

The suggested standardization framework should contain an architectural concept, basic guidelines and an easily extensible base format. It is not intended to define application specific formats. This guideline containing comments to the specification should make clear how to derive application specific formats.

Furthermore, the resulting formats specified in the standardization framework should be easy to understand and should be interpretable without much effort. This kind of formats will be created using XML and XML schemas.

The guideline and the related schema files shall be used as a basis for domain and application specific schemas, frameworks and tools defined by PNO WGs. In addition, any other provider is encouraged to use this guideline for his own developments.

Version: 1.0
Order No.: 2.342
Language: English

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