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Weighing and Dosage Systems (Part a, Part b, Part c)



Profile for Weighing and Dosage Systems (Part a, Part b, Part c)The intention of this profile is to define standard mechanisms for integrating Weighing Systems (Simple Weighing Devices, Advanced Weighing Devices, Dos-ing and batch systems) into PROFIBUS DP networks. Consequently functions, parameters, interfaces and services have to be defined. The set of services used is defined in IEC 61158 [1], [2] PROFIBUS DP. Also it is intended to define a standardized programming interface to be used with different controllers. State of the art for the programming model and programming languages in the area of the programmable controllers (PLC) is the international standard IEC 61131 3 [3]. This standard defines a set of language elements and mechanisms (e.g. data types, function blocks), which are commonly applied in a well defined set of programming languages (e.g. Ladder Diagram, Structured Text).

Part A of this specification presents the general roles applied to all device types targeted by this profile.

Version: 1.05
Order No.: 3.182 a
Language: English

Part B concerns the definitions specific to Simple Weighing Devices (SWD) and Advanced Weighing Devices (AWD).

Version: 1.05
Order No.: 3.182 b
Language: English

Part C of this specification is dedicated to the specific definitions for dosing and batch systems (Single Phase Batch - SPB, Continuous Weighing Device - CWD).
References used within this Part C are defined within Part A of this specification.

Version: 1.00
Order No.: 3.182 c
Language: English

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