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Remote IO for Factory Automation (RIO for FA)



More and more applications for remote I/O devices for factory automation need high communication performance. For many applications it is not sufficient to get quality information of a channel only asynchronously via the diagnosis mechanism. This profile for remote I/O for factory automation, RIOforFA, covers this requirement and defines an additional synchronous mechanism.

Furthermore RIOforFA with PROFIsafe has additional advantages for applications: Usually, the Failsafe-Module provides more than one signal channel for the safety sensors/actuators. Each signal channel can be associated with an individual safety function. In case one channel fails, the whole Failsafe-Module will be set in the fail-safe state. This profile allows an individual fail-safe state only for that safety function, which is impacted by the failed signal channel. It also supports acknowledge in a safe manner after repair.

Version: 1.10
Order No.: 3.242
Language: English

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