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PROFIsafe Technology and Application - System Description



One of the major events within the lifetime of the PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI) community was the first release of a specification for safety communication in 1999. It caused a quantum leap in possibilities in the world of automation. Since this event, PROFIsafe has evolved to become the leading and most comprehensive safety communication technology in the world. PROFIsafe is now progressing toward becoming an International Standard within IEC 61784-3-3. It is the objective of this document to provide a thorough insight into the PROFIsafe technology and the related issues without becoming too engulfed in specific details. It is not meant to replace standards or the official specifications and guidelines mentioned below. Those are definitive and binding.

PROFIsafe is approved by both the IFA and TÜV.

English (version 2016) - Order No.: 4.342
German (version 2016) - Order No.: 4.341
Polish (version 2016)
French (version 2009)
Swedish (version 2008)
Chinese (version 2007)
Japanese (version 2007)

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