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While automation solutions with distributed I/O gained widely acceptance through PROFIBUS DP and the PROFINET IO, classic safety applications were still relying on a second layer of conventional (electro-mechnic) techniques or special busses thus limiting the seamless engineering and interoperability. Additionally modern functional safety devices such as laser scanners or drives with integrated safety could not be fueled up as needed due to missing system support. It is the purpose of the PROFIsafe specifications and related documents to provide the corresponding enabling technologies.The specific utilization of the communication functions by specific groups of participants is called a profile. A profile is a set of rules and definitions that are valid within a group of users or a family of field devices. The Safety Profile, in short PROFIsafe, describes the communications between functional safety peripherals ("F-Devices") and functional safety controllers ("F-Hosts"). It is a supplementary technology for standard PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET IO reducing the residual failure or error rate of the data transmission between an F-Host and an F-Device to the level required by the relevant standards (IEC61784-3), or better.

PROFIsafe continues to evolve to cater to the needs of discrete and process automation industries. This leads to so-called "maintenance updates" which provide additional optional features while preserving backwards compatibility.

We point to the IEC 61784-3, which comprises general information on functional safety communication principles and provides common definitions and principles for all different profiles. PI will not continue publishing its information via order number 3.192a since it is available through IEC channels (

Version: 2.6MU2
Order No: 3.192
Language: English

Amendment Change PROFIsafe Parameter in Run (PiR); related to PROFIsafe V2.6MU1

This Amendment specifies the concepts for PROFIsafe Parameterization in Run. It is based on PROFIsafe V2.6MU1.

Version: 1.1
Order No.: 3.202
Language: English

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