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PROFINET Technology and Application - System Description



With its integrated, Ethernet-based communication, PROFINET satisfies a wide range of requirements, from data-intensive parameter assignment to synchronous I/O signal transmission. Communication takes place over the same cable in all applications, ranging from simple control tasks to highly demanding motion control applications. TCP/IP-based communication in a PROFINET network, e.g., for diagnostics from the control room or via the Internet in remote maintenance scenarios, is always possible in parallel.

The PROFINET Technology and Application - System Description gives you a comprehensive overview on the PROFINET Technology.

English (version 2018) - Order No.: 4.132
German (version 2018) - Order No.: 4.131
Polish (Version 2014)
Brazil (version 2014)
Russian (version 2009)
Swedish (version 2009)
French, Japanese (older versions)


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