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IO-Link Technology and Application - System Description



IO-Link is the first I/O technology for communicating with sensors and actuators to be adopted as an international standard (IEC 61131-9). The goal of the IO-Link Company Community is to develop and market IO-Link technology.

This system description provides an overview for the IO-Link I/O technology. It presents the interaction of the various components of an IO-Link system and serves to increase the general understanding of IO-Link.

English (version 2018) - Order No.: 10.392
German (version 2018) - Order No.: 10.391
Polish (version 2016)

# Date Filename Type Size
20/04/2018 IO-Link_System_Description_eng_2018.pdf pdf 3 MB
20/04/2018 IO-Link_Systembeschreibung_dt_2018.pdf pdf 3 MB
27/02/2017 IO-Link_Opis_Systemu_pl_2016.pdf pdf 848 KB