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IO-Link Safety - Test & Assessment specification



This document specifies the test cases and associated test environments for FS-Master and
FS-Devices designed and developped according to IEC 61131-9:2022, or IO-Link Interface and System,
V1.1.3, June 2019, IO-Link Safety System Extensions, V1.1.3, March 2022, and relevant resolved
Change Requests (CRs) within the Change Request Database described in IO-Link Corrigendum &
Package 2020, January 2021. It provides the necessary preconditions for conformity testing to ensure
interoperability and enables manufacturers of FS-Master and FS-Devices to achieve conformity as a
precondition of an assessment by a safety assessment body.
This document refers to IO-Link Test, V1.1.3, January 2021 as the common basis for testing the nonsafety-
related parts of FS-Master and FS-Device. The common test cases are only referenced in this
document. The current status of the Change-Request-Database shall be observed.


You will find the test specification on the IO-Link web site:

IO-Link Safety -Test & Assessment Specification


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