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Intellectual Property Rights Policy


The 'Intellectual Property Rights Policy (IPR Policy)' contains rules for dealing with copyrights and industrial property rights within the context of TC and WG. The work undertaken by the TC and WG is aimed at producing results (documents, software) that can be used by members and integrated into products. However, the work they do can sometimes involve issues of copyright or industrial property rights (patents and utility models respectively their applications). The document aims to ensure that the results of the aforementioned work are made available to members without license fees being charged. This IPR Policy applies to all technologies specified by the PNO.

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14/06/2022 PNO_IPR-Policy-2022-04-25_EN.pdf pdf 133 KB
14/06/2022 PNO_IPR-Policy_2022-04-25.pdf pdf 199 KB