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PI White Paper: Information Models



The industrial development toward smart factories needs the data of automation systems so that the vision of Industrie 4.0 can be put into practice. Sensor-to-cloud connectivity is an essential building block of Industrie 4.0, in which OPC UA has become a permanent fixture in automation technology. OPC UA and ECLASS are used as information modeling technologies to implement the vision. OPC UA has established itself on the market as an interface technology with an information model and ECLASS is the standard for the classification and unique description of data in Industrie 4.0 Platform. The industrial communication systems fade into the background for these applications so that the IT application can focus on processing the information. To slim the vertical communication OPC UA-based information models have therefore been developed for PROFINET and IO-Link mappings, which provide device and diagnostic data to IT applications without much effort. Data analytics and predictive maintenance scenarios or asset management, for example, can be implemented in the system in this way. This document describes the emergence and role of information models from different perspectives.

Newcomers to this technology are also welcome to watch the short film PI Information Models

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