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GSD Specification



Specification for PROFIBUS Device Description and Device Integration, Volume 1: GSD Specification

This document describes the definition of the GSD-File formats for DP,
including GSD Revision 5.0. It explains syntax and format of the GSD file and semantic and coding of the key words.

In order to achieve a simple Plug and Play configuration for PROFIBUS,
electronic device data sheets (GSD files) are defined for the communication features of the devices. These GSD files allow easy configuration of PROFIBUS networks with devices from different manufacturers.

GSD is a human readable ASCII text file. Keywords are specified as mandatory or optional with the corresponding data type and their border values to support the configuration of PROFIBUS devices.

Based on the defined file format it is possible to realize vendor independent configuration tools for PROFIBUS systems. The configuration tool uses GSD files for testing the data. These were entered regarding limits and validity related to the performance of the individual device.

New developments of PROFIBUS products will extend the functional range.
The manufacturer of a device is responsible for the functionality and the quality of its GSD file. The device certification procedure is requesting either a standard GSD file based on a PROFIBUS profile or a device specific GSD file.

Version: 5.1
Order No.: 2.122
Language: English

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