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A profile always provides an interoperable application interface for the user of the technology. A profile does not define the device connected via this interface!



PROFIBUS (DP-V1, DP-V2) and PROFINET Encoders: The PROFIBUS and PROFINET profile for Encoders, version 4, is a further development of the PROFIBUS Profile for DPV2 encoders, version 3.1. The actual version 4.2 comprises all the encoder functionality from its former profile version 4.1 and additionally also the definitions for non isochronous encoders, originally defined in Encoder Profile V1.1. Also starting from Encoder Profile version 4.2, definitions for safe encoder values transmitted via PROFIsafe are included.

It is strongly recommended to use this version for new product developments.

Version: 4.2
Order No.: 3.162
Language: English


PROFIBUS DP-V0 Encoders: This Profile specification defines the usage of Encoders in PROFIBUS DP-V0 applications. The operating functions consist of a basic range of functions that all PROFIBUS DP-V0 Encoders must support and a range of optionally supported functions.

It is strongly recommended to use the version 4.2 for new product developments.

Version: 1.1
Order No.: 3.062
Language: English

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