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  • 22.01.2020
  • 11.03.2020
  • 06.05.2020

A one-day course running regularly at Manchester Metropolitan University, a PROFIBUS and PROFINET International accredited Training Centre. Full detail is provided at the University's website,PROFIBUS Commissioning and Maintenance.


Prerequisities: Certified PROFIBUS Installer


The content of the course is included in a popular textbook, “PROFIBUS in Practice – System Engineering, Troubleshooting and Maintenance”, which is available on your local Amazon website. Once coming to the University, you will find that the course is practical, hands-on and covers the essential requirements for a successful and maintainable PROFIBUS network. The course can also be run at premises of your choice for minimum of 6 people


To Register - See bottom of page for Registration Form.





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Our well-known PI technologies


PROFIBUS is a standardized, open, digital communications system for all areas of application in manufacturing and process automation.


PROFINET is the innovative open standard for Industrial Ethernet. It satisfies all requirements of automation technology.

IO-LINK is an independent sensor / actuator interface solution for use with all automation technologies.