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Certified PROFIBUS Installer

  • 07.11.2019
  • 21.01.2020
  • 10.03.2020

An essential course for electrical engineers and technicians needing to upgrade their skills to include fieldbus installation. (Also available on-site for up to 12)

This one-day, hands-on course teaches the design, installation and testing of complete PROFIBUS networks including DP, PA and optical fibre technology. Covering bus layout and termination, grounding rules and practices, the course will teach delegates how to avoid common, but potentially expensive, installation problems. The course provides theoretical and practical training in PROFIBUS network technology using a hands-on approach. The course finishes with multiple-choice and practical tests that ensure the competence of the trainees. Successful candidates will be awarded Certified PROFIBUS Installer status.

The training provided by this course is an essential requirement for companies who are engaged in fieldbus installation. Certified PROFIBUS Installers are the first step to achieving reliable and trouble-free fieldbus systems. 

Course Content  

  • Overview of PROFIBUS network technology 
  • PROFIBUS DP wiring guidelines 
  • Practical - Build and test cable for network. BT200 exercises. 
  • Repeaters, fibre optics and PA segments 
  • Examples, practical exercises and tutorial problems 
  • Practical test/open-book multiple-choice test 
  • Questionnaires and course feedback session

Click here for in-depth information including Learning Outcomes


A sample of comments from previous attendees:

  • "This was a good course and having read all the pre-course material and taken the on-line training modules, I think the preparation for the day was excellent." – John Cripps, Logik (UK) Ltd
  • "I just want to say it was a great course and have already booked in the first job from it." - Jake Little, K Little Control Systems Ltd
  • "Really informative with an instructor who clearly knew her stuff" - Adam Sheppard, EfW Maintenance Technician - E, C & I, SITA UK Ltd
  • "I found the course excellent and learnt a lot. The equipment, tools and software provided was the best available. I will be back to complete certified engineer course." - Joseph Carroll, J Carroll Ltd
  • "Excellent course. Recommended to anyone who is involved in fieldbus installation."
  • "For one day we covered much more than I would have expected."
  • "The course was excellent and added much of value to my PROFIBUS experience."
  • "It is imperative that installers of PROFIBUS networks attend this course"
  •  “Good course with the right mix of theory and practical”
  • “Training modules taken at the right pace so that information can be easily understood”
  • “I enjoyed the course and now have a fuller understanding of how PROFIBUS is installed and operates”
  •  “Just right!”
  • “Excellent course, I will be back for the Engineer course!”
  • “Very good and professional”
  • “Excellent course, very informative, very professional” 


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What’s new?

Since 2010, cable sheath materials and properties, ingress projection, and PROFIBUS DP layout with PROFIBUS hubs are added.

Since 2012, most of the theory training has been converted to an online system with accompanying textbook enabling trainees to get a much better understanding of the course content before arriving at the Training Centre. Results have been outstanding, with feedback such as: 


  • "In comparison to other courses, this course is positioned at the top of the tree with the balance of online modules, published textbooks and classroom learning, providing an excellent learning experience." - Paul Farrington, Zariv Ltd
  • "Thank you very much, it was a pleasure attending your course. As soon as I get the chance, I will be getting in touch with respect to furthering our qualifications in this field." - Steve Godfrey, Ham Baker Adams Ltd
  • “Having completed the online learning before meant more time could be spent on practical work, which is good”
  • “Good course, a lot to take in. Pre-online learning was very helpful”

Who should attend the course?

The course is not just for installers. It is applicable to anyone who is involved in the planning, design, layout, installation and commissioning of PROFIBUS networks. Although centred on the most widely used fieldbus technology, PROFIBUS, most of the course is equally applicable to other fieldbus technologies. No prior knowledge of fieldbus systems is required. However, even very experienced fieldbus engineers who have previously attended the course say that they have gained valuable knowledge on how to avoid problems. The course is specified by many companies across a wide range of industries as a pre-requisite for anyone working on PROFIBUS systems. The course is also now a pre-requisite for attending the Certified PROFIBUS Engineer course.


Why bother with Certified Installation training? 

Fieldbus, and particularly PROFIBUS, provides reliable and cost-effective technology for a wide range of instrumentation and control equipment used in manufacturing, storage, building and process industries. However, fieldbus installation is fundamentally different from other types of electrical installation because it uses high-speed digital communications. When problems are encountered, they are invariably caused by simple errors in layout, cabling or connections. With certified training, such problems can be avoided at the outset, rather than after the installation is complete, when correction may require expensive re-routing or re-wiring. The Certified PROFIBUS Installer Course gives a widely recognised and valued qualification that confirms the competence of trainees in the layout and installation of PROFIBUS DP and PA networks.

Free textbook!

Written by the Senior Lecturer in Automation Systems at Manchester Metropolitan University and also available from Amazon, this new textbook covers guidelines and good practice for installing PROFIBUS systems and is a valuable and portable reference for anyone who is involved in PROFIBUS systems design and installation. 

After booking a place on one of MMU's Certified PROFIBUS Installer courses, students are posted a free copy of the textbook which is used for preparation and revision.

Students that have already used the textbook have reported that together with the preparatory online study it has been of great assistance in helping them prepare for, and pass, the rather intensive full days training and examination.

Course Details

  • Preliminary Reading & Online Preparation 1-2 weeks prior to the commencement of the course
  • Duration: 1 day (9:20 - 5:45 including tests)


To Register - See bottom of page for Registration Form

This course is also available for delivery on-site for groups of 6 or more. Please contact Ann on +44 207 193 8018 to discuss arrangements.  

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