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How to implementing PROFIsafe

As a general rule, it is not possible to turn a standard device into a safety device (F-device) just by implementing the PROFIsafe protocol: The final SIL of the device is defined by the architecture of the safety technology of the device together with the protocol and the manner in which both are implemented.
Even though PROFIsafe is suitable for safety functions up to SIL3, it may not be necessary to design and develop the F-Device also for SIL3.

Because of the “Black-Channel” principle, the PROFIsafe layer (located above the standard protocol) has no impact on the standard bus protocols and is independent from the base transmission channels. This makes implementation of the PROFIsafe driver software in devices and hosts quite easy. The following choices exist:

  • Development of the software according to the specification or
  • Use of a PROFIsafe starter kit available on the market from different technology providers. The advantage of a starter kit is obvious: pre-certified PROFIsafe driver software, additional valuable information and tools, and technical support.
  • For interfacing PROFIsafe technology any of the available ASICs and layer stacks are suitable; the PROFIsafe driver software must only be adapted to the specific device needs.




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