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PROFIdrive & Encoder

NEWS: PROFIdrive becomes Chinese National Standard GB/T

At 21th of July the ceremony for the release of the PROFIdrive Profile as Chinese Recommendatory National Standard GB/T 25740 took place in Beijing. The official record was handed over to PI Chairman Karsten Schneider by Director of Standardization Administration of the People’s Republic of China (SAC) Sun Wei. Mr. Schneider gave his sincere thanks to the Chinese TC124 drafting team for it’s successful work.

The PROFIdrive GB/T is a further important milestone of PI and especially of the regional Chinese PI Association CPA in its strategy to have PI technical specifications and standards being equivalently adopted as national standards by SAC/TC124 (the mirror of IEC TC65 in China). Up to now also PROFIBUS DP (in 2006) and PROFIBUS PA (in 2011) reached this final GB/T status. Now PI can offer all necessary standards for an interoperable drive interface as national Chinese standards written in Chinese language. This is a big enabler for PI technologies and will produce new market chances for Chinese device manufacturers in Chinese market as well as in export business.

Also with the establishment of GB/T, now a Chinese PI Competence Center and PI Test Laboratory for PROFIdrive is available, which is hosted by ITEI at Beijing.

What PROFIdrive offers to customers is a unique and standardized interface for all kind of motion applications on PROFINET and PROFIBUS. So with using PROFIdrive it’s quite easy to run different drives from different vendors at the same control system or to exchange drives without changing the application program. So this brings a lot of flexibility and money saving to drive based automation projects.

At least PROFIdrive based products are still used worldwide in PROFIBUS based automation projects for more than 20 years. The first PROFIdrive standard was established in 1992 by the German VDI (Association of German Engineers). Since 1997 PROFIdrive is a PI Profile and since 2007 an international standard as part of the IEC61800-7.

Current market studies claim about 1.5 Million new PROFIdrive devices per year for PROFIBUS and 150 thousand for PROFINET, growing fast. So far PROFIdrive is the leading drive profile in the industrial automation market, ahead of all other drive profiles used on other field busses and other ethernet based communication systems.

Drives & Motion

Drive technology is a fundamental requirement in both  manufacturing and process automation. Use cases range  from drives with fixed and variable speed such as for pumps, fans or compressors etc., to single-axis positioning controllers for applications such as moving, setting and positioning, to multi-axis interpolation for packaging, printing, or milling.

Drives are extremely significant in terms of industrial energy saving tasks, because electrical drives account for almost 2/3 of industrial power demand.
PROFIdrive is the leading vendor-neutral, IEC-standardized Motion Control technology, developed and supported by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International. PROFIdrive interfaces different drives from different vendors with the plants or machines communication system .

PROFIdrive, by its own outstanding features and by using other PI technologies such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET, PROFIsafe and PROFIenergy, provides best possible solutions to the demanding requirements of to days automation. It moves the world of automation!

Learn more about PROFIdrive and its prospects by watching the short film, recorded on Hannover Fair.

Upcoming Drives and Motion technology workshops (German)

  • October 10, 2018 in Lörrach




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