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Ethernet-APL — a communication solution fot intrinsic safety


Ethernet-APL is an enhanced physical layer for single-pair Ethernet (SPE) based on 10BASET1L. It communicates via a cable length of up to 1000 m at 10 MBit/s, full-duplex, which is more than 300 times faster than current technologies, such as HART or fieldbus. It is the logical extension for Ethernet and provides the attributes required for reliable operation in the field of a process plant. Ethernet-APL is a physical layer that will be able to support any higher-level Ethernet protocol including PROFINET.

general Ethernet-APL architecture

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What makes Ethernet-APL unique

Ethernet-APL is designed to support various installation topologies, with optional redundancy or resiliency concepts and trunk-and-spur. Ethernet-APL explicitly specifies point-to-point connectionsonly with each connection between communications partners constituting a “segment”.


Find out more details in the Ethernet-APL White Paper.