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Join SRCI - Become a PI member

SRCI is the standard the robot industry has been waiting for. 

SRCI has been created and is being constantly updatedRobotics - SRCI - Standard Robot Command Interface and improved by the SRCI working group.

In case you want to implement SRCI as a robot/PLC manufacturer, you need to become a member of PI.


Becoming a member of PI, you are eligible to become a member of the SRCI working group: We provide you with technical support during the whole process of implementing SRCI. You can also take part in regularly scheduled meetings with all members of the SRCI working group.


In order to become a member of PI, find out which RPA is responsible for you - there you can apply for a membership. Here you can apply for a membership for the D-A-CH region.

Below you can see the steps that robot manufacturers need to take in order to reach the stage of realeasing SRCI products.


Starting with the SRCI-SDK: Development support

Development acceleration and ehancing SRCI

SRCI-SDK includes

  • C++ reference implementation
  • Developer information exchange
  • Automated tests for interpreter testing (currently only executable in Siemens environment)


SRCI implementation release and development process

Ensuring quality from the very beginning: PI will provide you with technical support as a member. 


PI Membership privileges


Next to technical support and providing the SRCI-SDK,

you can benefit from marketing offers by PI:



  • Become a member of the SRCI Working Group and profit from all benefits listed above
  • Get access to the SDK and as much technical support as you need
  • Benefit from all accumulated efforts, budget and knowledge put into the development of SRCI until today
  • Take part in working group sessions and the further development of SRCI
  • Be the first to get to know any informtion about updates for SRCI





You still have questions or inquiries you would like to ask PI?

The SRCI contact of PI is Benjamin Lohrer:

Mail: bl(at)profibus(dot)com 

Phone: +49 721 986197-45

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