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Robotics - SRCI - Standard Robot Command InterfaceVisit the SRCI Forum here!




What manufacturers support SRCI?

Here is a SRCI-Matrix that shows the supporting manufacturers and also the supported functions by every compatible manufacturer.


Where can I see which functions are supported by which products/manufacturers?

Here is a SRCI-Matrix that shows the supporting manufacturers and also the supported functions by every compatible manufacturer.


How does SRCI work?

On the robot side, commands are converted into the local programming environment via the uniform interface (interpreter).
On the PLC side, templates or higher-level commands or function blocks can also be created that combine multiple actions via the data interface.
PLC manufacturers can create additional benefits this way.


How can I implement SRCI to become a SRCI-compatible manufacturer?

In order to succesfully implement the SRCI technology, you must become a member of PNO. Then you can join the working group Robotics - SRCI and you will be provided with testsoftware, technical support during the whole process.


What is included in the membership of PNO?

Here is the list of everything the PNO membership offers, including downloads, technical support and marketing measures.


What Fieldbus/Network does SRCI work with?

SRCI is fieldbus agnostic - it works with any Ethernet solution. SRCI has been created and tested on PROFINET by PI.


Where is the focus?
There are different levels or classes in the robot interface. First, there will be a defined scope of functions that are necessary for all and for simple functions. Higher-level functions can then be added as options. For example, the first focus is on handling functions, e.g. pick & place applications. Functions such as jog mode, the teaching of path points, the creation and validation of a motion profile and the changing of configuration data are provided for this purpose. In the future, however, it is planned to integrate other applications, such as those of welding robots, as well.


Your question isn't here? Check out the SRCI Forum!


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