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Power Consumption Management for OT and IT

PROFIenergy offers interoperable interfaces and standardized information models for Power Consumption Management in production.

Automation users worldwide are driven to minimize energy consumption, to cut costs and comply with increasingly stringent ‘green’ obligations. Methods range from switching off equipment manually to installing semi-automated shut-down systems. These are crude, expensive or hard to manage.

What is needed is a standardized way to manage energy consuming devices over production networks, eliminating the need for external systems and delivering a solution that can be configured intelligently using existing automation equipment.

The PROFIenergy Profile enables control devices (e.g. PLCs) to send commands to Energy Consuming Units (ECU), to signal pauses such as lunch breaks, holidays, random line stoppages or even peak load conditions. On receipt of the PROFIenergy commands, software ‘agents’ in the ECU firmware initiate pre-defined ‘sleep’ modes for the duration of the pause.

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Standards and regulations are increasingly putting the focus on environmental protection and more effective energy management. Industry has the goal of saving energy and actively reducing CO2 emissions. In production environments, it is also important to reduce costs through energy savings, thereby assuring a lasting competitive advantage.
PROFIenergy contributes actively to environmental protection.

Energy cost savings, easy and vendor-neutral

With PROFIenergy, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) is now making its own contribution to environmental protection through the careful management of automation resources. This standardization of an energy saving profile for automation – the first to be accomplished anywhere in the world – involved field device manufacturers, machine builders, and plant operators as an integral unit, all of whom will benefit from its deployment.

Based on the international communication standard PROFINET, PROFIenergy commands can be used to switch PROFINET field devices into energy saving modes in a coordinated manner – and do so across vendors independently of device types. At the conclusion of the pause, the field devices are again available and ready for operation on a reliable basis.


Please find more information in our PROFIenergy marketing brochure!


Save energy costs

PROFIenergy enables the active and effective energy management of automation equipment on PROFINET networks. By intelligently switching off unneeded consumers over the network, energy demand and, thus, energy costs can be drastically reduced.


Guarantees device and vendor neutrality

PROFIenergy uses existing PROFINET mechanisms, which ensures fast and simple implementation. PROFIenergy commands can be transferred throughout the PROFINET network enabling individual field devices or whole production cells to participate in smart energy management strategies.
Field devices both with and without PROFIenergy functionality can be operated on a common PROFINET cable. So integration into existing systems is easy and troublefree.


Assures competitive advantage for all

PROFIenergy sets the standard. Vendors can increase their competitive advantage through the integration of PROFIenergy into their products. Users can satisfy their requirements for energy management in a targeted manner, with multi-vendor choice leading to lower costs and a better environmental balance.


Easy to use

An integrated power switching function in field equipment enables energy savings not only during long pauses but also during short and extremely short pauses. Devices are remotely controlled by PROFIenergy commands. For this reason, even complex dependencies regarding the switch-off and switch-on sequences of individual devices can be coordinated. PROFIenergy enables absolute reliability of plant availability because all equipment is fully ready to operate at the end of the pause.


Saves wiring expense

PROFIenergy begins where previous approaches fail. This is because manual shutdown of unneeded energy consumers is too cumbersome in most cases. Previous automated approaches required additional hardware and space in the control cabinet as well as discrete wiring, which meant additional expense that often was not worth it. PROFIenergy integrates the switching function inside the devices and all commands are transmitted over the existing network.

PROFIenergy requires only a simple set of commandos to be used by the controls engineer. These commandos are based on the well proven Read-/Write-Record mechanism of the PROFINET communication.

Device and system manufactures will embed software “agents” in their equipment to manage the pause and procedures, so detailed knowledge of these is not necessary for the user.

There is only a small set of PROFIenergy commands for the control interface and the status functions necessary to fullfill all the use cases.