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PN/PN Coupler

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PN/PN Coupler

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PN/PN-Coupler - easy IO connections between networks

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Helmholz GmbH & Co. KG

Hannberger Weg 2
91091 Großenseebach

Carsten Bokholt
Tel +49 9135 7380 0

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PN/PN Coupler

With the PN/PN Coupler, a simple and uncomplicated connection of two separate PROFINET networks is possible. The PN/PN Coupler enables data transmission between two PROFINET controllers. A PROFINET IO device is on both PROFINET network sides. Received input data on one of the network sides is made available as output data to the other network side. The IO data transfer takes place live and as quickly as possible without additional handling blocks.


The maximum size of the transmitted IO data is 1024 bytes. Up to 16 slots for IO modules of 1 byte and up to 128 bytes are available. The incorporation into the PLC engineering tool is made possible by a GSDML file

A special configuration software isn’t necessary!



  • Very compact design for DIN rail mounting
  • Exchange of up to 1024 bytes of I / O data
  • Redundant power supply
  • Galvanic separation of the nets
  • Configuration only with GSDML file, no further software required
  • No influence on the opposite side in case of failure of the bus system


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