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Parker Automation Controller PAC120

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Parker Automation Controller PAC120

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Parker Hannifin Manufacturing GmbH & Co. KG

Gutenbergstrasse 38
41564 Kaarst

Marketing Department
Tel +49 2131 513-0

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Parker’s Automation Controller PAC120 is part of the Parker Automation Controller (PAC) family and the core of a modular hydraulic control system. Together with the PACHC Hydraulic Axis Controller, it provides an optimized solution particularly for the control of presses and die casting machines with two or more control valves and up to 40 axes. It can be combined with additional I/O and even safety PLC modules.


PAC120 is an ARM-based mini-IPC plus CODESYS PLC which is programmed by means of CODESYS V3. Its SD card slot plus USB port provide a local storage volume for process and other data and the interchange of control programs. One way of exchanging data with other systems is to go through the on-board interfaces, i.e. Industrial Ethernet and RS232. Another way is to plug in interface and bus modules to provide further communication links and to facilitate system integration in existing control architectures. PAC120 can exchange data with existing PROFINET IO Controllers via the left side appendix as a PROFINET IO Device. On the other side of the modular control unit, there is an E-bus connector enabling a flexible extension by Parker EtherCAT control and I/O modules series PACHC and PACIO to form a mechanically and electrically homogenous unit. The OPC UA interface allows an optimum interoperability as precondition for IIoT communications.

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