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Functional Safety

Product name:
Functional Safety

Development & Consulting for safety-related products — From concept to certificate

Product types:

Technology & Profiles:
PROFIsafe, IO-Link

Application class(es):
Frequency Converter (AC1)

Certification number:

MESCO Engineering GmbH

Berner Weg 7
79539 Lörrach

Peter Bernhardt
Tel +49 7621 1575 0

Product description:

Functional Safety — product development acc. IEC 61508

The highest level

  • of Safety for human being, machines and environment   
  • to avoid accidents and damages when devices malfunction occur

In Functional Safety the software part grows accordingly with the intelligence of the products. Today the industry needs to qualify software. So IEC 61508 takes into account of the elements of previous standards in the safety area and is therefore applicable to any development regardless of the field of operation, application and usecases. The development according IEC 61508 is also possible for non-safety related products.

The strength of the IEC 61508 is the complete view over the whole life cycle of the product, the consequent application of the development model for the devices and also for the installations.


The main benefits

  • increased reliability and MTBF
  • profitable efficiency
  • longer product life cycle
  • less cost of ownership
  • high quality

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