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This Common Application Profile specifies methods and techniques to implement energy-saving functions within a PROFINET IO device. This specification can be used to implement energy-saving features in simple IO devices as well as in complex and intelligent IO devices with a whole application process control on board.

In V1. 2 PROFIenergy ASE, device description via GSD and vendor specific measurement are added. ASE enables the generation of a status alarm and provides lists of existing PROFIenergy entities.

Version: 1.2
Order No.: 3.802
Language: English


New Draft:

Version: 1.21
Order No.: 3.802
Language: English


This draft is published for testing and review only. It must not be used for development purposes.

Comments to be submitted to, until April 17, 2019.

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06/03/2019 PE_3802_d121_Feb19.pdf pdf 1 MB
06/03/2019 Diff-PE_3802_d121_to_V12.pdf pdf 15 MB

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