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PROFIdrive - Profile Drive Technology



The actual PROFIdrive Version 4 comprises all the PROFIdrive functionality from its former Version 3 and additionally comprises the usage of PROFIdrive at PROFINET.
The PROFIBUS profile for drive technology, PROFIDrive, Version 3, is a compatible further development of the proven PROFIBUS profile for variable-speed drives, PROFIdrive, Version 2. Today, this is the standard for all manufacturers to implement PROFIBUS interfaces for drives.

The PROFIdrive profile defines, as a supplement to the PROFIBUS standard, a unified device behavior and access technique to the drive data. For the user, this means that engineering costs are reduced when planning and implementing plants and systems, as the various drives respond the same way to control instructions. The programming costs are significantly reduced by using standardized program blocks in the open-loop and closed-loop control systems for controlling the drive units via PROFIBUS. For drive manufacturers, as a result of the profile definition, development costs are reduced and the implementation of non-proprietary standardized interface improves the chances of being successful in the market.

The description of the interface for activation and deactivation of autonomous safety functions of drives and some details of mechanisms for parameterization and configuration has been integrated in V4.2. It bases on the definitions of PROFIsafe and PROFIdrive.

Version: 4.2
Order No.: 3.172
Language: English

Version: V3.00.4
Order No.:3.272
Language: English

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