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Global Collaboration

PI extends its reach by collaborating with like-minded organizations in automation. In this way PI believes it can add value for end users by offering its expertise, experience and resources in pursuit of common objectives, thus helping shape the way global automation evolves.

PI collaborates with organizations such as DKE, IEC, ISA, NAMUR, AIDA, many universities and, of course, the end user and vendor communities. In addition there is close colaboration with the Interbus Club regarding their decision to choose PROFINET as their preferred Industrial Ethernet solution.

Three significant technology collaborations are:

  • ECT (EDDL Cooperation Team) - EDDL, or Electronic Device Description Language, is used by major manufacturers to describe the information that is accessible in digital devices. Electronic device descriptions are available for over 15 million devices in the process industry. The technology is used by the major process control systems and maintenance tool suppliers to support device diagnostics and calibration. Visit the EDDL web site.

  • FDI (Field Device Integration) - an initiative to develop a commmon solution combining FDT (Field Device Type) technology and EDDL (see above) using a single interface. FDT standardizes the communication interface between field devices and systems. It is independent of the communication protocol and the software environment of either the device or host system. FDI will utilize the advanced features of the Unified Architecture (UA) technology of the OPC Foundation, another global automation organization having close links with PI. Visit the FDT web site.

  • WCT (Wireless Cooperation Team) - a joint initiative to optimize the use of wireless technologies in the process industries using the WirelessHART standard being developed by the HART Communication Foundation.