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OPC UA for IO-Link Companion Specification

OPC UA , IO-Link


The IO-Link Community developed a method for implementing an integration of IO-Link in OPC UA.

For IO-Link, the point-to-point protocol for sensors/actuators, a fiedbus-independent integration via OPC UA is very interesting, as it can be used to further expand the breadth of possible automation solutions: IO-Link masters, which bundle the data from sensors and actuators, can process these data not only as fieldbus nodes, but can also make higher levels available inside and outside of the automation pyramid via OPC UA.

In this way, sensor data can be integrated with little effort and seamlessly in MES and ERP systems, which is often referred to as “sensor-to-cloud” functionality. For many applications, this opening to OPC UA means new flexibility for the use of sensors and actuators.

You will find the OPC UA for IO-Link Companion Specification on the IO-Link web site:
OPC UA for IO-Link Companion Specification.

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