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Through the flexibility and possibility of not only performing Speed setpoint movements (AC1) or Point to Point positioning, velocity & torque tasks (AC3), but also synchronous and interpolated multi-axis movements (AC4/5) , ProfiDrive always provides the right solution for the concepts of machine builders around the World.

From fans & compressors to pick and place and even up to highly precise gluing applications ProfiDrive provides a way to deal with this challenges.

The Diagnosis is easy and simple to program in the PLC, but the real advantage lies in the fact that every ProfiDrive device can be diagnosed in the same way.

That means that the program module for diagnosing a device can be reused with slight adoptions again and again.

This advantages can be provided because ProfiDrive is standardized in IEC 61800-7 and every ProfiDrive device has to pass a conformance test.

Beside the fulfillment of increasing requirements for axis-number and short cycle times, PROFIdrive allows also the support of flexible machine concepts for fast realization of user-specific requirements.

PROFIdrive has been continuously developed further by a PI working group with participants from different device manufacturers.

But some solutions need extended information and parameter. PROFIdrive has defined also a place for this information, based on the defined functions.
Conversely, in combination with PROFIdrive, PROFINET becomes a drive bus for the most stringent requirements that is without any limitation suitable for all other automation tasks.

Drive tasks of every conceivable type, each of which will have its own specific requirements, can be addressed in a standard yet flexible way thanks to the integrated technology, the integrated application programs, and the scalable communication performance. It is on this basis that PROFIdrive is able to achieve significant cost reductions over the life cycle of a plant or machine for: planning, installa-tion, operation, and maintenance as well as expansions and upgrades. The integration of PROFIdrive is made possible by the use of the standard communication protocols PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET IO, which are capable of meeting the diverse requirements of production and process automation and motion control and safety applications in equal measure.

The need for user-friendliness is fully met by ensuring the interoperability and interchangeability of devices from different manufacturers and the availability of standardized program libraries from well-known PLC manufacturers. The reliable operation of the devices is guaranteed thanks to independent certification by accredited test laboratories.

The need for user-friendliness is fully met by ensuring the interoperability and interchangeability of devices from different manufacturers and the availability of standardized program libraries from well-known PLC manufacturers. The reliable operation of the devices is guaranteed thanks to independent certification by accredited test laboratories.

The PROFIdrive parameter manager, which is operated via the acyclic communication channel, provides users with comprehensive services for accessing the PROFIdrive parameters. Besides reading and writing of parameter values, additional parameter attributes, such as a parameter description, can also be read. To improve performance in the acyclic parameter channel, a multi-parameter service is also defined for the parameter manager. The PROFIdrive parameter channel is thus the basis for the wide range of tasks in a drive application, such as:

  • Parameter assignment and commissioning ‚ Data backup for device replacement
  • Extended diagnostics, such as trace and
  • diagnostics buffer

The new PROFINET cycle time of 31.25 microseconds is barely tangible, and opens up many new opportunities.
No matter what the future holds in terms of development, the communication technology needed for it is already here.

PROFINET has always been a very fast communication system. PROFINET real-time communication (RT) uses the prioritization methods of Ethernet and can therefore be implemented on standard Ethernet controllers. With a data rate of 100Mbps and full-duplex transmission, bus update times that are faster by several factors compared with today’s fieldbuses are possible. As a result, RT is usually more than sufficient
for typical factory automation applications. But, once an application’s requirements include the need to synchronise nodes to within 10–100us or to form a highly dynamic control loop via the bus, additional measures become necessary. The highly accurate isochronous real-time (IRT) synchronisation process was developed for this purpose. This process enables Ethernet transmission delay times of differing and fluctuating lengths to be eliminated.

In addition, there are also specific applications that will place even more stringent requirements on communication performance in the future. That is why mechanisms were defined in PROFINET Specification V2.3 that make communication with PROFINET even faster. With Fast Forwarding, Dynamic Frame Packing, and Fragmentation, it is possible to achieve short cycle times as fast as 31.25us, together with high-precision isochronous operation. Thanks to this feature and its openness, PROFINET is further cementing its position as the leading Industrial Ethernet standard.

So just how fast is a cycle time of 31.25us?
LEDs react too slowly to present this speed, and only an oscilloscope is able to visualise the cycle time of 31.25us as well the slight jitter over the entire system. This cycle time makes PROFINET an interesting candidate for highly dynamic measuring equipment applications, since sampling rates up to 32kHz over the network are possible.

PROFIdrive gives the unique ability to reuse program modules not even for similar projects/applications but also for devices from different vendors.

This makes it possible to us a Servo drive from vendor A, a Servo drive from Vendor B and a ServoLite drive from vendor C, with the same reusable program module, as the PROFIdrive interface between PLC & drive is standardized and has the same meaning for the drives from Vendor A,B &C.

This advantages can be provided because PROFIdrive is standardized in IEC 61800-7 and every PROFIdrive device has to pass a conformance test.

PI certification ensures that the devices of different manufacturers with different functional scopes conform to the PROFIdrive profile specification. The test report of a PITL serves as the basis for awarding a PROFIdrive certificate. The PITL uses the PROFIdrive Profile Tester to carry out the certification test. The Profile Tester allows the tests to be performed automatically to a great extent.


The PROFIdrive Profile Tester is available to device manufacturers for development support and for preliminary testing purposes. It thus helps manufacturers to achieve fast, systematic implementation of the PROFIdrive profile into products.

Because PROFIdrive has been standardized in IEC 61800-7, international acceptance is guaranteed and investments enjoy extensive long-term protection. This protection is further reinforced by the fact that PROFIdrive is based on the world-leading PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies. The fact that PROFIdrive has been standardized in IEC 61800-7 and is recommended by various international institutions such as OMAC means that its future as an internationally accepted standard is guaranteed.


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PROFINET is the innovative open standard for Industrial Ethernet. It satisfies all requirements of automation technology.

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