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  1. Intelligence boost for classic machine tools

    DATAEAGLE Condition Monitoring System
    • Condition Monitoring; Wireless PROFINET; perform the CM retrofit
    • Case study businesses
    • News GERMANY
    • Machine

    Machine tools play a central role in the production of Fig.1: Productionlineparts for the automotive industry, with hundreds of machines of different age and manufacturers often being installed in one production hall. In addition to modern machines with already integrated sensor technology, there are also classic machines whose operating status is still monitored by electromechanical modules. In the course of Industrie 4.0, operators are now increasingly looking to retrofit those machines with intelligent sensor systems including data communication, thus creating the prerequisites for efficient condition monitoring.

  2. PROFINET-based bottling plant benefits from innovative RIO technology

    • Packing & Filling

    A well-known plant engineering company develops and manufactures reliable and high-quality bottling plants since more than 50 years. The design is specifically aimed at long-time durability. In this context, remote maintenance of the world-wide installed machines via the internet got growing importance. Therefore, during development of a new bottling machine generation with a capacity of 21.000 bottles per hour, a new and Ethernet-based communication technology was required ...

  3. PROFINET and Remote IO prove very much in paint shop control

    • Case study businesses
    • Car manufacturer

    Process Automation systems based on Remote I/O (RIO) technology are installed since years in many paint shops and factories of the automotive industry together with PROFINET as plant-wide communication technology...

  4. Wireless PROFINET to control a giant Tunnel Boring Machine

    • Case study businesses

    Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are extensive, highly automated and mobile "factories", which are able to perform all stages of a tunnel construction in one single run. A particular operational challenge is the transmission of relevant sensor data from the rotating cutter wheel on the machine head to the controller located further back...

  5. PROFINET and PROFIBUS PA jointly provide best value in bottling plant control

    • Food & Beverage

    The Food and Beverage industry is among the first to utilize the value provided by the next level of automation performance with PROFINET and PROFIBUS PA...

  6. Water treatment plant shows off PROFINET’s easy commissioning and device handling

    • Water & Wastewater

    Revamping a plant from the 1980ies with PROFINET

  7. Integration of PROFIBUS into PROFINET without detours

    • Case study businesses
    • Cross-industry application

    PROFIBUS integration into PROFINET, a simple step...

  8. Remote battery monitoring by wireless PROFINET and radio IoT Edge Gateway

    • Traffic, Infrastructure, Transportation

    Wireless PROFINET enables global battery monitoring

  9. IO-Link proves itself very much in retrofitting a gypsum fine mill

    • Metal, Mining, Glass, Cement

    IO-Link keeps motor starters under control

  10. Electric valve actuators with redundant PROFINET ensure reliable wastewater treatment

    • Water & Wastewater

    PROFINET in waste water treating – a reliable and future-oriented solution