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Competence Centers

PI Competence Centers (PICCs) are centers of technical expertise and work closely together with the Regional PI Associations. There are currently 59 PICCs, a virtual guarantee of global support wherever you happen to be located.

PICCs offer technical support to anyone who needs it and they play an essential role in supporting first-time developers of PROFIBUS and PROFINET devices and systems. PICCs often support local RPAs in the delivery of technical seminars and workshops.

PICCs can also act independently to provide a non-partisan service respecting commercial sensitivties all the while bringing the synergy of the global organization to bear on the development of PROFIBUS and PROFINET products.

PICCs are governed by 'Quality of Services' Agreements administered by PI to ensure the technical excellence of the service they deliver.

Here's a list of PICCs by country (if there is no PICC in your country, please choose one of the other listed PICCs):

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