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Organization & Community

PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI) operates through the PI Support Center (PISC) based in Germany/Karlsruhe and coordinates the activities of a network of REGIONAL PI ASSOCIATIONS (RPAs), PI COMPETENCE CENTERS (PICCs), PI TRAINING CENTERS (PITCs) and PI TEST LABS (PITLs) in major industrialized countries. Furthermore PI hosts a large number of active Working Groups having the responsibility for developing, standardizing and maintaining PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

  • Regional PI Associations: Responsible for the regional support of PROFIBUS and PROFINET and localized marketing activities.
  • PI Competence Centers: Deliver quality technical support to developers and users of PROFIBUS and PROFINET products and systems.
  • PI Training Centers: Deliver high-quality training to engineers and users.
  • PI Test Labs: Provide test and certification services to guarantee the quality and performance of PROFIBUS and PROFINET products.