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EMC Awareness for Industrial Automation Systems

Peter Thomas,
  • 08.12.2022

Section  511 “Compliance with Standards” of the 18th Edition of the IET Requirements for Electrical Installations (BS7671) states the following – “ The designer of the fixed installation shall verify that the installed equipment, where relevant, is designed and manufactured in accordance with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2016 and, upon request , the responsible person for he fixed installation shall provide the required documentation as specified by the  Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations”.

The fact that the installed equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with the EMC Regulations does not guarantee that the Fixed Installation will  be EMC compliant. It assumes that all equipment has been installed in line with the manufacturers installation guidelines. This is very often not the case and can often be proven to be the cause of intermittent outages.

This course is particularly targeted to those people / organisations that are involved in industrial automation and who need to conform to sections 444 and 511 of the 18th edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671).  This one-day training course covers a topic that continues to bring many misconceptions and challenges for both experienced technicians and engineers alike.

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