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Upcoming Trainings & Events

PI and its community of Regional Associations, member companies and other organizations offers a vast range of opportunities to learn, network and consult. Events like trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions take place continuously around the world. 

In this section you'll find comprehensive lists of 'what's on' near you.

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  1. Free PROFINET One-Day Training Class- Minneapolis

    Minneapolis, MN
    • 26.09.2019

    This class prepares the student to apply PROFINET in his own project. Technical details of the technology are provided along with practical...

  2. PROFINET Fundamentals Course (PN-F) - Johnson City, TN

    Johnson City, TN
    • 19.02.2019 - 20.02.2019
    • 14.05.2019 - 15.05.2019
    • 23.07.2019 - 24.07.2019
    • 01.10.2019 - 02.10.2019

    The PROFINET Fundamentals class helps you get off the ground with PROFINET technology and focuses on the user’s view and basic engineering. After...

  3. EMC Awareness for Industrial Automation Systems

    Manchester - CSL
    • 19.06.2019
    • 07.10.2019

    EMC is an interesting subject bringing many misconceptions and challenges for both experienced technicians and engineers alike. This 1 day practical...

  4. Free PROFINET One-Day Training Class- Greenville

    Greenville, SC
    • 09.10.2019

    This class prepares the student to apply PROFINET in his own project. Technical details of the technology are provided along with practical...

  5. Siemens AG/Certified PROFINET Network Engineer (3 Tage)

    Siemens AG, Mannheim
    • 14.10.2019
    • 11.05.2020
    • 07.09.2020

    Inhalt: -Ethernet- und PROFINET- Telegrammkonzept -Projektierung von PROFINET IO-Netzen -Realtime RT und Isochrones Realtime IRT ...

  6. PROFINET Technologie Workshop in Stuttgart (PNO)

    • 16.10.2019

    PROFINET ist mit über 20 Millionen installierten Knoten (Stand Ende 2017) Marktführer unter den Industrial Ethernet Systemen in der ...

  7. Schulung EMV & Potentialausgleich

    Indu-Sol GmbH: 04626 Schmölln / Thüringen Dauer: 2 Tage
    • 16.10.2019 - 17.10.2019

    Indu-Sol bietet Ihnen eine 2-tägige EMV Praxisschulung zu den Grundlagen von Potentialausgleich/Erdung, Schirmung und EMV-gerechter Installation. ...

  8. NEU: PROFINET in der Prozessautomatisierung (PNO)

    Stuttgart, 17.10.2019
    • 17.10.2019

    NEU! NEU! NEU! PROFINET Workshop für alle Prozessautomatisierer Wir laden Sie herzlich zu unserem gebührenfreien Workshop ein. Der...

  9. Siemens AG/Certified PROFINET Network Installer (2 Tage)

    Siemens AG, Mannheim
    • 17.10.2019
    • 14.05.2020
    • 10.09.2020

    Inhalt: -Grundlagen und Grundbegriffe der Ethernet-Technologie -Aufbaurichtlinien für normgerechte Profinet-Netze -Hinweise zu...

  10. Antriebstechnik mit PROFINET - PROFIdrive & Encoder Technologie Workshop in Stuttgart (PNO)

    • 17.10.2019

    Die Leistungsanforderungen steigen, doch die moderne Antriebstechnik ist für die Zukunft gerüstet: Die einfache Feldbusschnittstelle wird nun zum...

Our well-known PI technologies


PROFIBUS is a standardized, open, digital communications system for all areas of application in manufacturing and process automation.


PROFINET is the innovative open standard for Industrial Ethernet. It satisfies all requirements of automation technology.

IO-LINK is an independent sensor / actuator interface solution for use with with all automation technologies.