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Electronic circuit breaker

Product name:
Electronic circuit breaker

Order number:

4-Channel electronic circuit breaker with thermomagntic characteristic

Product types:
Switching Devices

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

BLOCK Transformatoren-Elektronik GmbH

Max-Planck-Straße 36-46
27283 Verden

Jens Marten
Tel +49 4231 678 0

Product description:

The electronic circuit breaker distributes and monitors the load current over several

current circuits. Overloads and short circuits on an output are reliably recognized. The

electronics permit brief current peaks and switch longer overloads off. The rated current

for each output can be individually set with a current-selector-switch accessible

from the front or the IO-LINK interface. The outputs are time-delay and load-depend

activated to avoid overload current. If the rated current is exceeded for a certain time,

the output will be switched off automatically and can be switched on after a waiting

time (thermal relaxation) using the pushbutton or the IO-LINK interface. The pushbutton

can also be used to switch the output manually. It is possible to read out the state

of each output using the IO-LINK interface. The state of each output is also indicated

with a multi-colored LED.

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