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DSX CableAnalyzer™ Industrial Ethernet Kit

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DSX CableAnalyzer™ Industrial Ethernet Kit

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The new DSX2-5-IE Kit allows industrial companies and machine builders to validate cable installations to ensure they comply with international standards and Industrial Ethernet protocols reducing machine start-up time and production down time.

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Tools, Analyser

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Product description:

Industrial environments are much harsher and more time sensitive than traditional IT environments. Ethernet packets can be corrupted (CRC, FCS errors) causing packet re-sends which increases latency which can disrupt communications resulting in production delays.  Cables that appear good and pass basic continuity and speed tests can be susceptible to vibration, moisture and contamination, temperature changes, and electromagnetic noise (factors referred to as MICE — see above) in a manner that causes ethernet packets to be intermittently corrupted. The Versiv DSX Industrial Ethernet CableAnalyzer™ (DSX2-5-IE-K1) and other Versiv famly products support testing copper Industrial Ethernet with optional modules to support fiber optics.


Find Cables Susceptible to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) with TCL and ELTCTL Tests


EMI corrupts data packets which is why Transverse Conversion Loss (TCL) and Equal Level Transverse Conversion Transfer Loss (ELTCTL) requirements are included in the standards for UTP systems to protect against Electrostatic Discharge (by direct contact and through air) — up to 8kV, radio frequency interference, surges (line to earth) — up to 1kV, and magnetic fields (motors and relays). Cables (including pre-terminated cables) can pick up EMI (noise) from other data cables, power cables, motors, motor drives, and other sources. This is caused by a lack of balance in the cable due to untwisted wires, excessively tight cable ties, sharp radiuses, excessive bends and other factors.


Key features

  • Validate that cables conform to international industrial standards.
  • Faster Startup: Ensure cable performance at machine builder, commissioning and after making changes.
  • Prevent downtime: Find marginal cables susceptible to vibration, moisture, noise and temperature.
  • Speed troubleshooting: Avoid wasting time installing bypass cables.
  • Identify the exact type and location of cable failure—or prove it’s good.
  • Pass/Fail indication in 10 seconds
  • Supports cabling for PROFINET™ and other industrial networks
  • Supports RJ45 and M12 connectors
  • Documentation of test results for commissioning


The DSX2-5-IE-K1 provides complete testing for copper cabling from single pair to Cat 6A, and includes adapters for RJ-45, M12-D and M12-X. Approved by over 30 cabling manufacturers


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