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High Precision Electromatic Force Restoration (EMFR) sensors and scales to PROFINET

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other PROFINET Device

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Mettler Toledo GmbH

Heuwinklestrasse 3
8606 Nänikon

Jeff Holcomb
Tel +41 79 3403412

Product description:

Industries’ Most Precise Automation Transmitter


The METTLER TOLEDO ACT350 Precision is specifically designed for EPCs, machine builders and control system integrators to provide fast, accurate weight measurements when connected to high precision sensors and scales that use Electro Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) technology. For example: Automatic Precision Weigh modules, laboratory balances, bench and floor scales from 22g to 3tons capacity. The ACT350 family supports cyclical communication including floating-point weight, status, error conditions, synchronization, data okay, RedAlert™ alarm and a heartbeat function to ensure the security of the system. Electronically filtered weight data is transmitted into your control system based on the output of the connected device. Acyclic commands allow users to trigger one-time events such as zero, tare clear, calibration and adjustment.


The entire ACT350 family connects POWERCELL, Strain Gauge, Automated Precision Weighing devices, industrial scales and selected laboratory balances to your PROFINET system. Users of this system shall be aware that the 32 bit floating point message is truncated to 7 decimal digits and an exponent. This is significant because selected METTLER TOLEDO devices display 8 decimal digits.


Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Logging


 The ACT350 includes condition monitoring that instantly detects critical weighing errors.




Calibration of the connected scale may be automatic through the internal adjustment weight. This is supported by many METTLER TOLEDO devices and is an option on others. This process may be driven by the PLC.


Hazardous Areas


ACT350 Precision is not yet approved.

Fast PLC Integration with dual port PROFINET connection


Dual Ethernet ports support both daisy-chain, ring topologies with Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP). GSDML files are available with sample programming code and engineering notes.


Integrated Web Server


Enables local and remote setup, adjustment and monitoring.


Onboard Display and Keypad


Instantly see the status of your system through an interactive display and system network status LEDs


Local I/O


Physical inputs are available for selection of tare, clear tare, zero, etc. Physical outputs are available for non-latched setpoints, status and faults.


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