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Emerson Automation Solutions

Dilraj Singh

356 Chisholm Road

Auburn NSW 2144


Phone: +61 438 108 640

Email: Dilraj.Singh(at)Emerson(dot)com


Competence Areas
  • PROFIdrive
  • PROFIsafe
  • PROFIdrive
  • PROFIsafe

Demo Systems:

PICC Austrlia Network 1:

  • Control logix PCL, Allan Bradley, Control logix 5000, DP, Control logix 5561
  • COMbricks, Procentec, Profitrace V2.6 for COMbricks, DP, COMbricks Headstation Serial#00581 Hw Ver 1.5)
  • I/O module, VIPA, DP, VIPA 153-4PF00
  • Electric Actuator, Biffi, DP, F02 063 Serial #074234T01020
  • Electric, Biffi, DP, F02 063 Serial# 074234T01020
  • DP/PA coupler, Pepperl& Fuchs, Power hub HD2-GTB-2PA HD2-FBPS-1253360
  • Active terminator, Procentec, T1 profibus DP Active terminator
  • PA Junction Box, Weidmuller, FBCon PA CG/m12 4way
  • Temperature transmitter, Procentec, FBCon PA CG/m12 4way
  • Pressure transmitter, Endress&Hauser, PA, T/D10-A1 TMT84-2IMS/101
  • Pressure, Wika,PA, Tramsmitter IPT-10
  • Prosonic Flow meter, Endress&, PA, Prosonic Flow 92 Magflow
  • Level sensor, Vega, PA, Vegason 61 Type SN61XXAGPKCAX
  • Optical link Module, Siemens, Profibus OLM/ G12 Serial# SMAV7126939
  • Optical link Module, Siemans, Profibus OLM/ G12 Serial #SMAV7100687
  • Electrical Actuator,Biffi, DP,F02 125
  • Pneumatic terminator, Westlock, DP, Model# PC ZRP66D1N
  • Active terminator, Siemens, 6ES7 9720DA00-0AA0
  • Pneumatic positioner, Siemans, PA, SIPART PS2 PA
  • Temperature Transmitter, WIKA, PA, Type PT100
  • Temperature Transmitter, Siemens,PA,SN PQA/V5 0701 61315
  • Pneumatic postioner, Samson Controls, PA, Samson 3730-4

2.PICC Austrila Network 2:

  • PLC, Siemens, Simatic manager, DP, S7300,CPU 315F-2PN/DP
  • I/O Module, Siemens, DP, ET200S,6ES7 151 1BA02-0AB0, 6ES7 132 4BF00-0AA0Link module, Siemens, DP, Simatic ET200m Link, IM153-2
  • DP/PA Coupler, Siemens, DP, RDC 157-0
  • Asi gateway,IFM,DP Smart Link DP AC1335
  • Repeater, Siemens,DP, 6ES7 972- 0AA01-0XA0
  • solenoid valve bank, Norgren,DP, VM101603009
  • VSD, NHP Sinus Penta,DP ZZ0102003
  • Junction box, Weidmuller,PA, FBCON PA CG 8Way 8564300000
  • Magflow, Siemens,PA,Sitrans FM Magflow MAG 6000 CODE#7ME6920-1AA10-1AA0
  • Pressure transmitter, Siemens,PA, P/N N1-V7079579988
  • 24vDC PS, Allan Bradley, 1606-xls-3,8A
  • Biffi Icon Actuator, Tyco,DP,Icon 010


3.Additional Control systems(class 1 masters):
The following Masters are available that can be connected to Networks 1 &2 above.

  • Honey well DCS
  • Yokogawa DCS
  • Proficaptain

4.FDT Frame Applications:
The following FDT frame apllications are available:

  • Endress& Hauser's Field care
  • Pactware 4.0



Workshops, Seminars, Trainings:

  • PROFIBUS maintenance and commissioning course
  • PROFIBUS Installer course
  • PROFIBUS Engineer course




Available experts
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Our well-known PI technologies


PROFIBUS is a standardized, open, digital communications system for all areas of application in manufacturing and process automation.


PROFINET is the innovative open standard for Industrial Ethernet. It satisfies all requirements of automation technology.

IO-LINK is an independent sensor / actuator interface solution for use with all automation technologies.