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New PROFIdrive Profile Tester Available


The PROFIdrive profile tester is now available in version 5. The PROFIdrive profile tester is a PROFINET-based tool for testing a drive’s conformity with the PROFIdrive profile. The tool provides various test cases for individual supported application classes. It can also be used to test encoders and their conformity with the encoder profile.

If a manufacturer wants to develop a drive based on the PROFIdrive standard or an encoder based on the encoder standard, and if the device will then need to be certified, the manufacturer can use the profile tester to carry out all required tests ahead of time, in preparation for the certification. The manufacturer will also obtain information on the current implementation level of the device.

The new PROFIdrive profile tester offers the following features:

•    New user interface
•    Support of isochronous real-time operation, now making it possible to test dynamic servo control and cyclic clock synchronization
•    Speed and position interpolator
•    Faster acyclic data communication
•    Filtering of displayed test scripts according to specific application classes

The profile tester is available for members to download for free from the PI website: In addition to the installation file, the download package contains the user manual for the profile tester and important information about installing the profile tester, which should be read before installation.

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